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A Statement.

Abstract art is amazing!  It’s a combination of colors, shapes, and textures creating a composition that draws us in and speaks to us in a way nothing else can.  The visual possibilities are endless and only limited by imagination.  It’s so interesting that abstract art can appeal to different people in so many ways.  When I was young, I created art with geometric shapes and lines.  Interestingly, many of my pieces today also include similar elements.  Geometry is something that I’m drawn to and love to use in the creative process.  Most of my work is with acrylic paints and have a full range of colors.  I really enjoy creating textured art pieces.  The texture makes the light reflection shimmer and gives paintings more interest and depth.  When I’m done with a painting, I always think about how that piece of art never existed until now.  I hope you enjoy my work as much as I do!

Mark Dunbar 

Mark’s family ran a ceramics business as he was growing up.  He was surrounded by painted ceramic pieces and worked in the shop.  He also took all the art classes he could during school.  Most of his painting skills are self-taught by experimenting with different techniques, styles, and compositions.  He grew up in Syracuse, NY and now works and lives in the beautiful foothills of the Adirondack mountains.  


Commissions & Collaborations

I really enjoy collaborating with customers to create a piece of art that is the size, color and style that fits their artistic taste and the space where they plan to display it.  We take into consideration where the piece will be hung and what size canvas will fit well.  Quite often when I work through the style and composition of the painting with a customer, they come up with ideas I would not have thought of, and it turns out great!  Many of my favorite paintings have been the result of a collaboration with a customer commissioning a statement piece for their home. 

Check out the feedback from some of my customers on our Reviews page.


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